Hello! I’m Rigtje Schootstra (Levi is just one of my few usernames I like to use) and I’m living in the Netherlands. Currently working as a junior artist at a game company called MonkeyBizniz. The things I like to do; drawing, reading books, playing games, listening to music and writing stories. My other interests are: RPGMaker, cute kittehs, game and film soundtracks, old cartoons/anime, action figures, donuts, photography, game modding and painting miniatures.

Currently I’m working on 3 personal projects. The first one; Chaos Conflict is an old project of mine. Was going to be a manga first… if I’ll ever manage to finish it… I don’t know. So I turned it into a RPG Maker project for now, because I loved the story and characters too much to just neglect it. The second one Lion Head, is a fantasy world with it’s own story (think of Lord of the Rings) and the last: Project Revelation, always wanted to illustrate the book of Revelation from the Bible. Anyway, I really hope to show you guys art from these projects and more 🙂

So, I really hope you’ll enjoy this blog! Feel free to comment anytime you like.


Let's hear it!

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