Genesis of Eterna

Hello everyone! Just wanted to show you guys how the world map of Eterna evolved to what it is now! Maybe it’ll help you a bit to begin with your own world maps, or just to laugh and poke fun at my n00bish map skills. Anyway, read on!

So, my little fantasy realm began to take form as the races were thought out, deities were created etc. At that point I really wanted to make a world map. Just to give the inhabitants a place to call home, create awesome places to visit and thinking out backstories and because mapping is just plain fun! So, I sat down and just started to draw. I didn’t had a clear image of what the world would look like, but I drew it anyway. The result… well, at first I was fairly content with it, but as soon as I looked at it again and saw other maps in my “inspiration folder”, I thought it was just awful. It was a huge and ugly landmass and it looked more like Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls game series than anything else! I’m hasitating to show you guys what it looked like– ah heck, I’ll just show it to you anyway. Brace yourselves.

Old and ugly map of Eterna-- ugh.

Old and ugly map of Eterna– ugh.

Pretty ugly huh? Thought so. As any other self respecting fantasy artist would do… I started over. After giving my inspiration folder a few quick looks, I knew what I would like to have. And instead of drawing out of the blue, I started with thumbs. Tiny and non detail drawings of the world. Just grab a big black brush in Photoshop (or GIMP or whatever you use) and start drawing shapes. See the image below.

No this is not a Rorschach test...

No this is not a Rorschach test…

Normally it’s good to draw a whole lot of them, at least 20 or so. But as you can see, I was already satisfied with the 4th attempt. That being done, I went on drawing in earnest. First I made rough sketches of the continents and how the coastlines would look. Then I went on cleaning the line art. The image below was the first result. Note that I drew a new continent at the top left and I named a few continents.

The island of Vulcan is HUGE in this version...

The island of Vulcan is HUGE in this version…

I really liked the continent Lior but I wanted to make it more interesting. As I drew more islands I came up with a little backstory. On this continent a terrible war had waged between mighty wizards. As a result of this war, parts of Lior were destroyed and those pieces of land were scattered everywhere. The remaining population left the continent as their homes were destroyed and the land was heavily damaged by powerful magic (pfff.. mages and their stupid magic. They always seem to be the partypoopers in fantasy worlds). And thus, a new version was born:

As I went on, a north- and south pole were added, finally my snow cat race had a home were they could ride on their polar bears! The lands were also driven more appart (I thought they were so close to each other that people might as well swim from the other continent to the next) and Vulcan got shrunk down to its little self. And so, Eterna became like what it is today! You’ve already seen it in my previous post, but just for the sake of the complete picture:

Do not attempt to swim between continents-- out there be sea monsters.

Do not attempt to swim between continents– out there be sea monsters.

The mountains and rivers still need to be added mind you. So the map is far from finished. But I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey with me! Mapping worlds is fun, but some planning at first is needed! I hope to share more maps from Eterna with you. As well as other works of course!

– Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Genesis of Eterna

  1. Leuke uitleg, ben je erg dankbaar want ben sinds weken geleden ook begonnen met het uitwerken van mijn fantasie wereld! Het is erg goed te zien dat je zoveel vooruitgang boekt!

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