New Portfolio Website


Well.. not very new, more like a migration of my old website to tumblr. Needs some new stuff and some tweaks here and there, but it’s better than my old one! The link:

Sorry, no art this time 😉



Battle Backgrounds

Hello all! Here are some battle backgrounds from a project we’re working on at work. The project is still in testing fase so I can’t tell you the details. Anyway, here are the backgrounds that I’m most pleased with:







All images are © Monkeybizniz

Here Be Dragons!


Last week at the Pathfinder session, we encountered a goblin named Fatmouth. He was the chief of the goblins living in the old fort we entered. Fatmouth gave us a quest and told us about a dragon residing there! His partnership with us was sort lived though…

I hope to make more drawings of our adventures in the near future! Illustrations of all highlights of our gaming sessions to be exact. Not sure I’ll be able to keep that promise though… we’ll see. Enjoy this one for now!

And here’s the link to our gaming blog:
Be sure to check it regularly!

Marvellous Misadventures!

From left to right: Elhelmir, Baragor and Lucan (aka El, Bar and Luc)

From left to right: Elhelmir, Baragor and Lucan (aka El, Bar and Luc)

Three colleagues and I started a little gaming group. We’ve played several games already but yesterday we officially started with the beginner box of the Pathfinder RPG. Before we began I made this quick little doodle of our characters. I am the human rogue and my other two colleagues are the elf warrior and the dwarf wizard. Elves and dwarves don’t get along very well so those two will probably start a ruckus now and then.

Our first adventure was quite a blast! We cleared the first level of a dungeon of goblins, found lots of treasure (I’m hoarding all the gold) and we almost got killed in a chamber with fire spitting traps because a certain elf refused to be humble. We had fun 🙂

Anyway, enjoy this little update! Apologies for the lack of posts though.